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We let peopel speak. Here are our Interviews. You can also speak out. Your Opinions are also important. 





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Hearty Welcome to Keralahaus.

Indians especially Malayalies are here in Germany since 50 years, working and living,  integrated with all the possible fields of their life here. As Most of the Germans quote, they are the best ones in all the fields. Germany has got a good name in the World for their Quality. As Germans are top in Quality, they try and achiev the top Quality in all the fields through thier countless efffort and openness. They Perform well, whereever they get chances to perform. 

Keralahaus is an attempt to show this Top Quality through Performance. Performance on the Stage, before the Camera and on the Background. It is a humble effort to show the Various Talents through the Modern Media Possibilities. Different Artists perform on the Frontside and on the Background to bring this Website to you. We always Welcome your Comments and Opinions. 

Proudly we present you Keralahaus, a Platform to show the Various Talents. 

Please Contact: Poulose Mattathil, Monheim, Germany

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